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Buckets & Attachments

MST has an in-house bucket and attachment manufacturing division that trades under the brand HSM (Hi Spec manufacturing).

HSM manufactures high quality buckets and excavator attachments designed to suit specific customer requirements and application. All buckets and attachments are manufactured solely in HSM’s UK based manufacturing factories and are designed to work in some of the world’s toughest environments.

Excavator Buckets

HSM manufactures standard , heavy duty and extreme excavator buckets for use in a range of applications. HSM’s excavator buckets are designed to customer requirements so can be custom built using different GET systems, material, digging profile and head fitment.

Loader Buckets

HSM’s tailor-made, quality loader buckets are designed to match the required application and utilise HSM’s technical knowledge and expertise to ensure they are built to maximise load capacities.

Dredging Buckets

HSM has designed and manufactured buckets for some of the world’s largest dredging excavators. HSM includes the customer from initial design to machine fitment to ensure the finished bucket is made to maximise load performance and to ensure customer satisfaction.

Face Shovel Buckets

HSM has in-house capabilities to manufacture mining face shovel buckets and has designed and built buckets for the largest face shovel excavators operating in the world including the Komatsu PC8000, PC5500, Hitachi EX5600 and EX3600.


HSM’s mechanical pulverisers are used in some of the UK’s hardest demolition applications and have an excellent reputation for their strength and durability.

Ripper attachments

HSM can build heavy duty ripper attachments for work in tough wearing conditions. Rippers can be fitted with a range of ground engaging tools depending on customer preference.