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MST Parts Group are the UK’s sole authorised ESCO® dealer.

The ESCO DRP tooth system is available directly from MST in a wide range of sizes and styles available for next day delivery across the UK.

Increasing performance, wear life and productivity, the ESCO Max DRP system is a great choice for machines.

Direct Replacement

MaxDRP products are direct replacements for OEM versions but provide increased wear life and superior reliability over the standard equipment available from OEM’s. The range covers many popular OEM wheel loaders and excavators operating throughout the United Kingdom.

A comprehensive selection of MaxDRP replacement teeth ensures the right performance profile to match any conditions with value-added performance.

MaxDRP replacement parts from ESCO are more productive with lower operating costs and provide enhanced digging performance across the range.

The stronger tooth body is more powerful and supports the self-sharpening feature. The cone-shaped tip is designed for maximum penetrating capability. The tooth shape is optimised to stay sharp for longer. MaxDRP tips have a reinforced bottom for longer service life. There is a widened rear section for better protection of the adapter.

All MaxDRP tips are cast from A92, a solid abrasion-resistant alloy


The top choice for applications that require maximum abrasion resistance, while providing good penetration.


Ideal for tough applications that require optimal penetration with an excellent balance of wear metal.


Pick points for frost, shale, slate and other hard-to-penetrate materials – the single pick version for the central positions.


Pick points for frost, shale, slate and other hard-to-penetrate materials – the twin pick version for the corner positions, cutting clearance for the bucket.


the upgraded standard loader point, contoured for better penetration, increased wear life and added strength.


An optimal balance of wear metal and penetration for a range of heavy duty applications.


Features an extra-heavy wear shoe for extended wear life in extreme abrasion conditions.


Designed for ripping rock and other hard- to-penetrate materials.