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MST Parts Group are proud to be part of the ITR Worldwide group, offering the full range of ITR products directly to our customers.

MST has direct access to the largest range of cast bucket wear parts in the UK, stocking parts to fit most attachment manufacturers in a range of styles and sizes.

MST stock the UNIK J Series direct replacement range for next day delivery in the UK.


  • Multi purpose general duty tip
  • Good choice for most basic applications


  • Good penetration and digging action in most medium to hard pack conditions
  • Vertical rib on both sides maintains sharp point with average amount of wear material


  • Good penetration tip
  • Stays sharp throughout life
  • Average wear material
  • Good for lightly packed rock shale and clay

Rock Abrasion

  • Similar to rock chisel but much more wear material on the underside of the tip
  • Best for use on any high abrasion application

Tiger Long

  • Unmatched penetration in frost, rock or hardpan conditions
  • Stays sharp

Twin Tiger Long

  • More penetration longer than tiger
  • Less leverage than tiger requiring more breakout force from the excavator

Self Sharpening Profile

We conducted several tests on ITR UNIK teeth to demonstrate their superiority, in wear life and penetration, compared to ITR Standard teeth. Among the many tests conducted, the following tests were done on two buckets working in a SILICA QUARTZ mine, which is one of the most abrasive applications. The customer used UNIK RCU J550 and UNIK RCU J450. The UNIK teeth gave to the customer substantially increased productivity, since the teeth remained sharp until the end of the test. For the UNIK RCU J550, 58.7% of its total weight was used. For the UNIK RCU J450, 42.75% of its total weight was used.